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Why is this Zoophilist still working after retirement?

Hemington James

In the Zoology of India, Dr. R K Sahu is not an unknown name. He got retired from service on Wednesday, 30th June as was his last working day. However, in absence of an efficient line two officials and due to his unmatchable skills to handle the animal affairs and the lake management, he has been awarded two years’ extension, perhaps the only class I officer from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to have this reward.

He has been given extension with the same designation of Director, Kamla Nehru Zoo with same responsibilities and same powers.

But, why actually is he so popular and in demand not to leave the service? The Ombudsmanews sheds some light on this official.

A profit maker

R K Sahu who is master in Vetenary Science and Wildlife management joined the Kamla Nehru Zoological garden in March 1990 as Assistant Zoo Superintendent. When he joined the civic body, the Kankaria Zoo was a loss making entity. Making Rs. 16 lakh as income against the Rs. 60 lakh of expenditure. The day he got retired, the income of the zoo and the lake front was Rs 20 Crore approximately, against the expenditure of Rs 12 crore.

An Innovator
It was Dr. Sahu who brought the idea of introducing Open enclosure for the wild animals like lion and tiger at the zoo and executed the idea successfully that now other zoos across the nations are imitating his innovation. He brought fruitful results to the Nocturnal zoo, the only zoo in Gujarat making profit every year until pandemic.

Knowledge based explanations
In an instance, a Chief Secretary from Tamil Nadu had come to see the functioning of the state and he was invited to see Kankaria lake front. An assistant manager was sent to welcome him at the airport. As soon as the CS, an IAS official came, he asked the civic official about the technical information of the Kankaria lake. Though being the part of the Lake Front Project he could not answer. Sahu was sent for the explanation and within couple of minutes he could satisfy the questions of the officer from whom he got compliments for the knowledge.

Having in-depth knowledge
Being with the zoo and the Kankaria lake from more than 20 years, he has thorough knowledge of all the affairs. Sources said, when prime minister Narendra Modi, was chief minister of Gujarat, he once visited Zoo. As a protocol, mayor and other senior officials from corporation welcomed Modi. But, when Modi started asking questions, no one could answer. Sahu who was in the rear line was called and it is said that Modi told him, “If you won’t give me information about this, who will? This is your subject, explain.”

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