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Grishma murder case in Surat; Criminal death sentence to Fenil



In the case of Grishma’s murder in Surat, the court has declared the crime as the rarest of the rare in just 70 days and sentenced the accused to death.

Convicted Fenil

My promise to Grishma’s parents for speedy justice has been fulfilled today. Accused Fenil was sentenced to death today and our promise has been fulfilled today. We are satisfied with that, said Harsh Sanghvi, Minister of State for Home Affairs.

Fenil Pankajbhai Goyani, accused of 21-year-old Grishma Nandlal Vekaria, a resident of Laxmidham Society, was strangled to death in a one-sided love affair in public at Pasodra in Surat village on December 12 at 6.30 pm. The girl’s brother Dhruv Nandlal Vekaria and the girl’s elder brother Subhashbhai were also seriously injured by the accused. The accused was apprehended from the spot as soon as the incident was reported to the police. The live video of this serious incident also went viral on social media and news media which had a dark repercussion on the society.

Considering the gravity of the incident, a total of 2500 pages of chargesheet was file in just five days after the accused was arrested by the SIT constituted by the Home Department after collecting oral, documentary, scientific, corroborative and electronic evidence. In this chargesheet, 3 eyewitnesses were found and a total of 190 witnesses were examined. In which 3 articles were recovered. Also 3 Punchnamas have been completed in a very short time.

The trial of this crime was started on June 9. A total of 105 witnesses were examined during the trial. And the trial was completed on May 5th. Throughout the trial, a DYSP and a P.I. The rank officer was assigned to act as the probation officer. Arguments were made by the state government to present evidence and convict the accused as part of the entire court proceedings.

In addition, Nayan Sukhadwala, Surat was appointed as the District Government Advocate. The court proceedings were conducted by Hon’ble District Judge, Vimal K. Vyas, conducted by Principal District and Sessions Judge, Sessions Court, Surat. And the accused has been declared guilty on 31/7/8 as per section 306, 506, 4 (d) (1) (I), 4,206,206 (2) of IPC.



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