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Can Sinkholes be prevented? CEPT students have the answer

Anjan Parekh

Along with the design of the structure the fundamental understanding of the soil is as much important is to make the transfer its load and make it withstand all forces , Students at CEPT  showed a remarkable work representing the understanding of the soil and explored different problem that occurs in the soil with the unique solutions that are applied or can be applicable in the field with understanding the relation with the soil and structure.

Pro. Pavni Pandya

Many natural sinkholes can’t be prevented.

However, the ones resulting from human interest can be avoided, mainly resulting from over-pumping groundwater.

There are 2 ways, one can prevent and detect formation of sinkholes:

Detection of water in the soil using water detection sensors.

Prevention using ground treatment measures.

How does it work?

Teaching Assistant Anjan Parekh

Sensors are attached at different layers along the underground pipelines , keeping sensors at different depth as well along the joints to detect any leak in the near future.

Once if the leak is detected sensors detect and respective authorities are notified. Magnitude of the damage is responded by

The increase of water leak this is achieved by placing sensors at different depth showing indications once the water spreads into a larger zone.

This project was guided by Pro. Pavni Pandya under the Teaching Assistant Anjan Parekh.

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