Corona Virus in Ice Cream?4800 Ice cream boxes found contaminated with virus in China

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Amid the positive news of corona vaccine being given to people in many parts of the world, there is a news that would disappoint you. As many as 4800 boxes of ice cream were recovered by the health department of China in Tianjin municipal area in northern China as Covid – 19 virus were found in them. Investigation in this incident is ordered.  

According to Amar Ujala, the boxes were recovered from Daqiaodao Food Company and are said to be contaminated. 2089 boxes have been sealed in storage, 1812 were dispatched in other province and 935 dispatched to local markets. It is also said 65 boxes were sold to local people.

It is reported that the company has ordered to 1662 employees to isolate get them selves tested.

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