A silent worker elevated

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“People may say anything and they may have any perceptions about Bharatiya Janta Party. I strongly believe this is a party where the loyal and honest are valued. I really thank the party seniors, especially prime minister Narendra Modi and Central home minister Amit Shah for appreciating me and giving me more time and opportunity to serve the people and our country,” said Dr Dharmendra Gajjar, an orthopaedic surgeon from city who has been elevated to the post of Coordinator of BJP’s Gujarat Medical Cell recently.

Dr. Gajjar being a man from a humble family has never left the ground he comes from and has made his family and his parents proud by serving the country. He is a silent worker who does not believe in publicity and stays behind the curtains. His friendly nature and compassion towards poor and downtrodden wins all hearts. He was state level secretary of National Medical Organization (NMO) and remained on the said position from 1996 till 2004. NMO is a doctors’ wing of Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS).

It was in 2004 when he formally joined BJP as an executive member. In the year 2011 till today he has been convenor of the Doctors’ Cell of BJP and has been serving the Doctors’s Community by taking their plight and voice to the government.

Though being a silent worker, some of his works have brought him great credit and honour. Under his leadership BJP had organized a Cancer test of 922 people simultaneously which brought name and fame to the organization as it got space in Limca Book of Records. Apart from this he has also organized several medical camps in almost all wards of the city.

Dr. Gajjar runs his Shilp Orthopaedics & Trauma Centre in Isanpur and his wife Dr. Shilpa Gajjar is a gynaecologist and has her own hospital in Khokhara named Sanjivani Maternity hospital. 


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