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Need to leave ‘Me First’ attitude, says Amit

As per a data declared by MoRTH Delhi, in total number of road accidents about 70% of  two wheeler riders found involved which is an alarming sign for all of us as we Indians make maximum use of two wheelers in our routine life.

Experienced two wheeler riders are found having a strong but fake mindset of ‘Me first and  “I KNOW EVERYTHING” which leads them to commit blunders on road and since maximum number of people are suffering from the same, they do not accept such few points as their mistake.

 Especially novice riders have an increased risk of getting involved in fatal crashes as compared to other road users. More than 95% people in India learn two wheeler riding at home and not through professional trainer.  Systematic two wheeler riding training could be an important way of reducing the number of crashes and severity of injuries. Making them aware of Traffic signs and road markings, make them safer and alert of potential hazards ahead on their road, basic but important knowledge of daily check points and regular maintenance of the vehicle, help them avoid break-downs. Systematic knowledge about important topics of Motor Vehicle Act, correct methods of safe moving off, correct lane changing, safe and legal overtaking and safe stopping make them even more responsible riders when on road.

“Me First” attitude leads them to a big damage. Changing their driving behavior by changing their thinking process of managing the vehicle through specially designed training modules can surely reduce the chance of accidents and thus save lives on road.

It may be difficult to send all two wheeler learners to a driving school but its possible to organize “Defensive Driving Training” for them to update them on all the above mentioned topics. Professionally designed DDT shall make two wheeler riders aware about the dangerous “blind spot” developed for heavy vehicle drivers on road. The formula of “See & be Seen” shall surely save their lives while using road.

  • Amit Khatri
    (Views, thoughts and ideas expressed in this article are solely of the writer and the website does not take any responsibility of the same.)

(The write is a professional, certified Road Safety expert and analyst)

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