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Medicos who pulled her through

Hemington James

Post Corona people’s perception towards medicos has been changed. Those who were considered as money minded professionals have become earthly gods to them and to some extent it is true too. Here we have yet another case of a doctor who goes far ahead of his duties to save a patient and her baby.

Patient Rekha at the time she arrived at the hospital.

Gigaram Prajapati is a farmer from Jalore, Rajathan where he lives with his wife and other family members. In November this year, all of a sudden his wife Rekha Prajapati, 28, had high blood pressure due to which she developed haemorrhage. This was the time when she had 7 months’ pregnancy. Following some other incidents she developed Tubercular Meningitis and went on Ventilator.

“We went to many local hospitals in Jalore and near by towns but there was not good results. We went to Jodhpur too but her condition did not improve. Finally, we were told to come to Ahmedabad.  However, that was not end to my plight. Rekha was admitted in a hospital opposite Civil hospital. She was on ventilator. Nonetheless, her condition did not improve. “

“Finally, I was suggested by one of my cousin who is a medical representative come consult Harmony hospital. So we went there. And today I am very happy that after religious efforts and dedications  of the doctors, she is good and recovering. She delivered a baby boy. However, since she was not well, the baby is not as normal as should be. Hence, he has been admitted too. “

Patient Rekha now, responding and reacting.

Dr. Saumil Shah who is a consultant anaesthetist and intensive care specialist is one of the partners in Harmony Hospital. Talking to The Ombudsmanews, he said, “Rekha was a very critical patient at the time she was brought to the hospital. First, we changed the medicines and when she started responding positively, we began further procedure.”

Dr. Saumil Shah

“On November 30th, we lost her for almost 7 minutes and after Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – CPR, we gained her back. But, the matter of concern was major. She came back, but, had the baby come back? We had a huge confusion. So immediately after she came back to normalcy we did Sonography and found the baby was good and was moving.”

“Today, the mother has been responding a little to our questions. She gives her name when asked. But she is not fully healthy which will take 7 to 8 months. Once she is in the condition of returning home, we will discharge her and the baby would also be given to her. “

“Since they are the patient’s family is an agriculturalist, we have charged as much  less as possible.

“The patient was from the team of Dr. Paresh Gohel, who is a M.D Medicine.”

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