“I forgot the mask at home”, Cop tells youth filming him

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Cop without mask, talking on phone while riding on bike without number plate

The post effects of the Corona virus is clearly seen in the society. Cops who were taking people to task for coming out of their homes during lockdown and after that without mask in unlock situation are facing people’s ire now. Two youth have filmed a police man riding his vehicle without mask. The cop who accepted that the is from Bakor police station in Mahisagar district was filmed without mask and the two wheeler he was riding did not have registration plate too.

As seen in the video clip initially the cop tries to stop the youth from filming him but when he finds that people have gathered around him, he tried to flee by requesting to stop the video. He too like other people is found saying, “I have forgotten to wear mask. I am going home to take it.”

The youth who tries to take him to the police station for not wearing face mask is also found saying, “We have paid Rs 6000 so far for not wearing mask so you too should pay the fine.”

The ombudsman is trying to find out the youth and the cop to know further details.

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